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Evkeeza Launch

In the groundbreaking launch of Evkeeza for its new indication, I played a crucial role in the team that navigated the challenges of introducing a life-saving medication to individuals with HoFH, a severe genetic condition characterized by extremely high cholesterol levels. Tasked with the delicate mission of reaching out to a new demographic—including children as young as five at risk of heart attacks—our campaign was meticulously designed to resonate with both patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). By ensuring the smooth transition of this FDA-approved indication, we bridged the gap between groundbreaking medical advancements and the communities eagerly awaiting hope. Our efforts underscored the power of strategic communication in transforming patient care and outcomes in the face of genetic adversity.

Core Visual Aid (CVA)

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 7.13.48 PM.png
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