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Pharma Copywriting

Blending my background as a Registered Nurse with an extensive career in copywriting, I've specialized in crafting narratives that resonate deeply within the healthcare sphere. My journey has seen incredible collaborations with pharmaceutical leaders like Novo Nordisk, Regeneron, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and TG Therapeutics, focusing on direct-to-consumer (DTC) communications rooted in health literacy and patient empowerment. This unique perspective has been instrumental in developing content that educates and connects with patients on a personal level, leveraging my clinical insight to bridge the informational gap with empathy and clarity. Following through to healthcare professionals (HCPs), my efforts have propelled strategic storytelling to the forefront of pharma industry communications, enhancing brand presence and driving advancements in both patient and HCP engagement. My work reflects a steadfast commitment to merging medical innovation with meaningful narratives, aiming to improve patient outcomes and foster trust within the communities we serve.



On the Gene Possibilities project, as the lead writer, I steered the creation of a patient-centered website, print brochures, patient emails, and more, making complex gene therapy concepts accessible and engaging to patients with rare genetic diseases.


For Evkeeza, I led projects including website content, a Core Visual Aid (CVA), and rep-triggered emails, all aimed at educating patients and HCPs on HoFH's new indications. My work ensured that complex medical information was accessible and engaging to both patients and HCPs.

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Novo Nordisk-in progress

As the lead writer for a groundbreaking Novo Nordisk product launch, I developed an unbranded website, interactive visual aid (IVA), PI selling tool, and more, crafting compelling narratives that seamlessly introduce the new product to healthcare professionals and patients.


As the lead copywriter for TG Therapeutics' patient-centered social media campaign, I had the privilege of crafting resonant, engaging content aimed at fostering a strong online community. This initiative was designed to connect, educate, and empower patients, driving meaningful interaction and support through targeted messaging and storytelling.

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